View an introductory zoom video by cookbook author & Sister Amy Kimoto-Kahn (pictured here). AXOcooks is NuNu's collaborative e-cookbook. Share individual recipes within the cookbook with family and friends; all NuNu Sisters are welcome to access it and make entries 24/7! Because there is login information in the video and instructions, access is restricted. When you first click the button below, a request for access will be generated. We will make every effort to respond rapidly to each share request. If you haven't gotten permission after a few hours, please email with "Access to AXOcooks" in the subject line. Please provide your first name, the last name you initiated with, the chapter and year of initiation.

2020 National Council Trophy Winner & 2022 Continue Excellence Trophy Winner

Alpha Chi Omega is a national women's organization that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service.

The Denver metro area has over 800 AXΩ alumni, with more than 100 that are active members of Nu Nu. The Nu Nu Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1916. We are very diverse, graduating from schools across the country. Nu Nu enjoys a wide age range including new college grads to members in their 90s, with special interest groups catering to several areas of interest such as:

Our Alumni, with diverse backgrounds and from collegiate chapters all over the United States, come together “To Seek the Heights.” We work toward having a wide range of activities and philanthropic opportunities, and to continue to build friendships through the bond of Alpha Chi Omega.

We host several all-chapter events each year like a festive fall kickoff, a Founders' Day celebration, a holiday party and a Spring Luncheon.

Nu Nu of Alpha Chi Omega Alumnae Chapter is just the place for you to start making friends outside your workplace or neighborhood. And, what better place to find quality friendships than with women with whom you already have a bond! We have a great group with lots of activities certain to have something for everyone!